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Twins conjoined at the head survive intense surgery. 8 months later, doctor breaks news to them

These adorable twin boys are less than 2 years old, but they’re already miraculously eight months past a heart-pounding surgery to separate them, because they were born conjoined at the head. Now, as their health improves, their family is excited about soon being able to welcome them home from the…

This Viral Video Of A Dad Watching His Newborn Get His First Shots Is Every Parent At The Pediatrician’s Office

From the moment parents welcome their babies into the world, we do everything within our power to keep them safe, including getting them vaccinated against deadly diseases. These shots protect our children, but hearing a newborn cry after a needle poke is absolutely heartbreaking. The conundrum is perfectly captured in a…

This Is How To Make More Breast Milk, The Natural Way

I remember being pregnant with our oldest child, our daughter. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t breastfeed. It seemed like the natural thing to do. I was breastfed, my mother was breastfed, my mother’s mother was breastfed and on down the line as far as I know. Lots…

Two Indian doctors start to fight in the middle of operating on a pregnant woman. (video)
A video has emerged of two senior doctors, Assistant Professor Dr Ashok Nanival and Anaesthesiology Professor M L Tank, arguing and threatening each other while operating on a pregnant woman at Umaid Hospital, Jodhpur, India. Dr Nanival, in green scrubs, is heard telling Tank in blue scrubs, “Arey kis galatfehmi me ho,... Read more
10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday, No.6 Will Surprise You!
When sex , our body gets several smart advantages and it makes our health higher. you have got in all probability detected this, however does one grasp what reasonably conditions and diseases are you able to cure with having a lot of intimate relationships? So, during this article, we... Read more
A Mouthwash For Removing Plaque From The Teeth In Just 2 Minutes
You might not know it yet but oral health means overall health. The vital part here is mouthwash! This item removes and reduces plaque, fights bacteria and aids in between dental cleanings. Also leaves the mouth clean and breath minty. Cavities can be cured with good oral care and... Read more
Who doesn’t dream of transforming their body in just four minutes? At first it looks too good to be true, but this position actually works wonders to strengthen your core and tone your abdominal muscles. Sit-ups are a thing of the past; they’ve been replaced by a newer, more... Read more
5 Minutes – 1 Month Challenge: Melts Fat and Tones Your Muscles
There can be no strong body without a strong core. Pretty much like trees, we humans need a stable trunk in order to lead a healthy life. Working the core will help increase your performance and prevent possible exercise injury, as well as providing you with balance and stability. Read more
The color of your urine can give you an indication whether you are in good health or not. The colour, density, and smell of urine can tell much about the state of our health. Urnine color can range from completely clear to golden and even colors like blue or... Read more
4 Signs You’re Not Actually Fat But Bloated
When you’re trying to lose weight many of us begin by looking at our stomach in search for results, and many fad diets and exercises claim that they will “melt the fat off your body”, or some similar misleading slogan because they know that a large majority of the... Read more
Beautiful photos of a child model who was bullied in school because of her skin colour
Photos of a beautiful black girl, Kheris Rogers who was a victim of bullying in her school has gone viral. She found solace in modelling and took it up as a career. She also started a movement #flexingmycomplexion which encourages blacks to appreciate their skin colour. More photos after... Read more
Remember the pregnant gay dad? He has given birth to a boy in the U.S. (photos)
US based transgender man, Trystan Reese, and his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow, have welcomed their son, Leo Murray Chaplow. Trystan who was originally born a female, gave birth to their son on July 14th, two weeks ago. The couple announced the arrival of their first biological child via Facebook. They... Read more
VIDEO: Woman Accused of Child Abuse by Some After a Video of Her Twerking With a Toddler Goes Viral
There are a lot of fun family activities that moms can do with their children. They can go to the park, head to a library, do arts and crafts… or if they’re like this Brazilian mother, they can twerk together! A Brazilian woman has been accused of paedophilia on Facebook... Read more
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